Aging is inevitable. We might not be crazy about it, but those fine lines across your face and crow’s feet will eventually make its appearance. While this can crush your confidence and self-esteem, there are ways to make your skin smoother and glowing.


Once you reach your thirties, it’s time to get serious with your anti-aging skincare routine. To make your life easier, TOUCHBeauty brings you anti-aging beauty devices that are suitable to use from the comfort of your home. The days where you need to go to an expensive clinic or salon for anti-aging treatments are over. With cutting-edge technology, these devices promise to revolutionize your skincare routine and tackle fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. The key? Be consistent and use the right products.


Benefits of Anti-Aging Beauty Routine from the Comfort of Your Home

Why not take 20-30 minutes of your time every day to indulge in a pleasant skincare routine that will make you feel good? Is Margarita your favorite cocktail? Make one and enjoy it while massaging your face with your favorite devices. Watch your favorite TV show or listen to your favorite songs. Let this routine be good for your skin and your soul!  


Which Products are the Best to Include in an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine?


  1. Multi-Therapy Beauty Device With Three Anti-Aging Treatments

Unlike younger skin, the mature skin process of producing elastin is longer and slower, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. If you are looking for a powerful tool to tackle all these issues, this is it! This device focus only on anti-aging treatments using RF, microcurrent, and red light therapy. This device comes with three modes, RF, RF + MC, and RF + MC + LED. By giving you three modes, you will have the opportunity to choose which kind of treatment you prefer depending on your skin concerns and skin sensitivity.


RF Mode

With age, skin starts producing less collagen, and skin starts losing firmness leading to saggy skin.

RF energy heats tissue stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to firm the skin.


RF + Microcurrent Mode

By combining RF and microcurrent, this mode delivers low electric currents to the skin to workout and tone facial muscles. By stimulating muscles, it shapes facial contours, firms, and tones the complexion. The microcurrent also stimulates blood flow giving your skin a healthy glow.



RF + Microcurrent + LED Mode

This is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. By combining three powerful anti-aging technologies, this mode is the most effective. By delivering simultaneously to the skin RF, microcurrent and red light therapy help to firm and tighten the skin, smooth fine lines, and tones facial contours.  


Use this device consistently 2-3 times a week for best results.



Microcurrent Face & Eye Anti-Aging Treatment TB-1767

Microcurrent is a powerful technology to rejuvenate and keep the complexion looking younger. TOUCHBeauty 3-In-1 Facial Beauty Device features three interchangeable attachments to give you the best facial from the comfort of your home. The face massage rollers diffuse microcurrent into the skin while giving you a lifting massage. Use the rollers only for upward lifting movements. Use this device with your favorite aloe vera gel or serum, you can also use it over your face mask. You will feel muscles contracting once you start gliding the device along facial contours. By contracting muscles, it helps tone muscles and firms the skin. Because the eye contour and lip area are very sensitive, we cannot use the rollers attachment, so TOUCHBeauty created an alternative attachment with gentle wands that you can apply to the eye and lip contour. Moisturize the area with your favorite serum and gently tap or slide the wands. Be extra gentle with your eyes. Using this microcurrent treatment will help you to smooth crow’s feet and smile line. If you feel your skin needs extra help, use the red light therapy (light therapy attachment) to increase collagen production and reduce fine lines. 




Rejuvenating Microcurrent Facial Roller TB-1682

The Microcurrent Facial Roller is a gentle tool to shape facial contours and firm the skin. Powered by solar energy, this device is the perfect pocket massager to keep your skin fabulous everywhere you go. No cables are necessary to charge or use this device.


The rollers release mild energy into the skin to tone facial contours. The kneading lifting massage promotes relaxation and pulls the skin up giving a lifting effect.  

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