It’s finally 2021, time for a fresh new start and a few new skincare resolutions. A good skincare routine and healthy habits will make sure your skin will be glowing through 2021. Whether you want to get more plumped, glowing skin, or clear up acne, consistency and good products will make sure you achieve your goals. And the good news? It’s never too late to start.


Below, you can check some important health & skincare tips for you to set your way towards healthier, clear, and glowing skin.


  1. Apply SPF Every Day

Let’s admit, most of us love that sun-kissed bronzed look that exposure to sunlight gives our skin. However, direct exposure to sunlight can cause sunburns, skin cancer, and it can cause premature wrinkles, and fine lines. SPF will make sure your skin is protected from harmful UV rays. Never forget to apply it in the morning, even if the day is cloudy or rainy. Applying it every single day before you leave out the door will make sure your skin is protected.




  1. Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Skin

Cleansing skin every day and exfoliate periodically will completely change your skincare game. Facial cleansing brushes cleanse the skin (at least) 6x better than hands alone. The gentle bristles have the power to get all debris that block pores. There are different types of facial cleansing brushes, such as silicone brushes, bristle brushes, brushes that oscillate, rotate, or vibrate. The one that is best for you? It depends on your skin type and preference. Learn more about different types of facial cleansing brushes here.


If you don’t exfoliate your skin every week, you may end up with dull skin. Exfoliation is one of those things that you should commit to 1X/2X a week to bring back your skin radiance. A skin scrubber device will make a big difference in your skin texture. Give TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device a try! This award-winning scrubbing tool is extra gentle without using chemicals on your skin. How does it work? The ultrasonic vibrations released through the spatula transforms water into a very fine mist. The mist penetrates pores removing any pore-clogging debris and impurities, such as makeup residues, dead skin cells, excess oil, and micro-pollution particles. But this device does not only exfoliates the skin, it also massages your favorite serum/lotion into your skin to boost absorption. The flat side of the ultrasonic spatula blade easily glides over your facial contours to boost your skin’s radiance. Using the exfoliation & boosting mode will instantly reveal a healthier and more radiant complexion.          




  1. Eat Healthy & Exercise Frequently  

Have you ever heard the expression we are what we eat? Having a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables will help your skin to glow from the inside out. Exercise will improve blood circulation keeping skin healthy and glowing.  




  1. Quit Smoking

If you smoke, try to make this year's resolution to quit. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs and overall health, but it can also damage the skin. What are the consequences? Smoking can cause premature wrinkles, saggy skin, and uneven skin tone, and I am just mentioning a few. With time, you will notice how harmful it is for you.    


  1. Moisturize & Drink More Water


Hydration is key to achieve flawless skin. Dehydrated skin will appear flaky and will most definitely create dry patches. Dry skin can definitively make your complexion look dull due to lack of moisture, and your makeup will most probably grab on to those patches creating an uneven and patchy makeup look. Moisturize your skin every day, morning and evening, with a thicker moisturizer that will sink into your skin and give your complexion a radiant glow. Use the Ultrasonic Scrub Device flat side of the spatula to infuse moisturizing nutrients deep into the skin to maximize results. Your skin will be smoother and hydrated.

To complete your hydration routine, drink more water. Drinking enough water will make sure your skin is not dehydrated.




  1. Apply a Sheet Mask

If you haven’t started using sheet masks, you are missing the opportunity to instantly replenish your skin. Masks are amazing, and they can help to smooth and replenish your skin. They truly are an instant boost of hydration. We recommend you to use a sheet mask 1 to 2 times a week so your skin can soak up all the benefits from this skincare jewel.


  1. Start Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

If you are reaching your thirties, it is important for you to start your anti-aging skincare routine. Prevention is what will help you to delay signs of aging. Start by using the 3-In-1 Facial Beauty Device microcurrent roller to tone and firm the skin. You can also use the red light therapy mode to promote collagen regeneration. Use the eye & lip attachment to smooth smile lines and crow’s feet. Because this device has 6 intensity levels, you can adjust it according to your skin needs.



Bonus: Be mindful of how pollution can affect your skin. If you live in a big city, pollution can affect your skin, making it dull and accelerating the aging process. Help your skin to recover by cleansing it every day, and exfoliate at least one time a week. By removing all these pollution particles, you can finally reveal healthy and radiant skin.

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