TOUCHBeauty’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide | 10 Perfect Beauty-Tech Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get last-minute gifts for the ones you love ready and wrapped under the tree. Getting the perfect gift can be fun, much less so when people are hard to impress. To help you in your quest for the perfect gift, we have curated the ultimate Christmas gift guide with 10 beauty luxe gifts that will make your loved ones feel pampered and extra-special.

1. TRIFECTA - For the skincare expert

Skincare lovers may be hard to impress, but beauty-tech is a safe bet. They know which products work best for their skin and have an impressive skincare routine. However, they may be yet to try a multi-therapy skincare device. By combining professional-level microcurrent and light therapy treatments, TRIFECTA is a skincare lover’s dream gift. This device is designed to tone and contour the face, smooth visible wrinkles and clear acne breakouts enhancing skin’s youthful glow.

2. REVIVE - For the fitness enthusiast

REVIVE is ideal for exercise and fitness enthusiasts. This device combines different cutting-edge technologies to tone muscles and shape body contours, aid muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. After an intensive workout, REVIVE’s RF, EMS and light therapy help to regenerate skin tissue and reduce inflammation. Plus, how gorgeous is this device? With a buttonless and touch sense activation, this luxurious device will impress anyone.

3. GLOW - For the glow-up addict

Who wouldn’t love to get a gift that will make skin glow? TOUCHBeauty GLOW is a compact device that gives a SPA-like facial without the hassle of going through SPA expensive appointments. GLOW has a special spatula that exfoliates the skin and boosts absorption of skincare products to leave skin smooth and glowy. TOUCHBeauty GLOW will give that special person endless at-home pampering sessions.

4. HALO - For the lift-chaser

HALO is the perfect device for that person that loves anti-aging skincare and is always looking forward to finding that perfect product that will lift the skin. This powerful firming and lifting tool is referred to as a natural facelift for a good reason. This non-invasive approach to face-lifting utilizes radio frequency, microcurrent, and red light therapy to prevent signs of aging without going through invasive procedures and plastic surgery.

5. Silicone Cleansing Brush - For everyone really

If there is a gift that is suitable for everyone is a facial cleansing brush. Cleansing the skin is on everyone's agenda, and a cleansing brush will make the cleansing experience better and more effective. The skin-smoothing silicone brush features two cleansing surfaces for daily gentle cleansing and exfoliation, leaving skin fresh, revitalized, and clean. This device comes in several colors to fit different tastes.

6. Lash PRO Heated Curler - For the makeup lover

Makeup lovers will end any makeup look with a lash lift. While the traditional mechanical eyelash curler may be part of your friend’s makeup bag, why not gift them the modern version that is electronic and heats up to curl lashes? The heated eyelash curler is a PRO eyelash curling tool with heat settings that instantly lift lashes and hold the curly shape all day long.

7. Microcurrent Facial Roller - For the beauty connoisseur

If you have a friend that loves beauty, the chances are that you’ve already heard of gua sha massage and facial beauty rollers. The microcurrent facial roller does amazing things to the face and body. The low-level microcurrent is light-generated and flows through the skin to boost blood flow, firm the skin and promote lymphatic drainage.

8. Eye Cream Booster - For the workaholic

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your workaholic friends, you cannot go wrong with the Eye Cream Booster. This device hot massage therapy, sonic vibrations and red LED light, is an incredible soothing system that promotes blood flow, relieves fatigue, reduces the appearance of dark circles and increases the production of collagen.

9. Hot/Cool Skin Device - For Masking Lovers

Your mask-loving friend will love our thermal skincare system. This device boosts mask active ingredients and lock in moisture to get the best out of the mask experience. Plus, it features 2 massage heads, so it can also be used over under-eye patches.

10. Manicure Drill Set - For nail care PROs

A nail care PRO will always welcome nail care tools. With this essential drill set, you can remove gel nail polish, precisely trim and shape nails, polish and buff to create the perfect surface to apply nail polish. This device is super easy to use and portable as well. 

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