Meet the HEALER - The Best Vanity Smart Beauty Mirror that Will Change Your Beauty Routine

Meet the HEALER - The Best Vanity Smart Beauty Mirror that Will Change Your Beauty Routine

A mirror is not just a mirror surface anymore, it can be much more than that. The perfect mirror can change how you see yourself and can dramatically change your beauty/grooming routine.   


The HEALER is the brand new TOUCHBeauty’s smart sensor mirror. And this is not the typical vanity mirror that just turns on one light and gives you a regular view. This table-top mirror was designed with smart and sensor technology to give you the best user experience. It also has patented technology to give you the best performance. This new generation of mirrors will improve your beauty and skincare routine. You will know the HEALER will be there for you when you need a flawless and accurate makeup look. This mirror will be your best friend in all beauty and grooming needs.



  • Normal HD & 5X magnification mirror | All beauty needs are assured with precision.   
  • 97 Color rendering index | Provides accurate color.
  • Three color temperatures | Warm white light (3500K), natural white light (5000K), cool white light (6500K). Adjustable brightness.
  • Motion sensor | Turns on/off the mirror automatically by detection.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment | Senses lighting conditions and adjusts brightness to a suitable level automatically.
  • Modern & high-end | Just the most beautiful and luxurious table-top mirror. Available in white and red.   


Why Do You Need a Smart Mirror?

While a mirror looks just like an ordinary item without any special feature other than reflecting our reflection, there is more to it. If you use a regular mirror in a dark environment, you will, most probably, end up with the wrong makeup colors on your face. The HEALER’s smart features give you the best support while you apply makeup or style your hair.


This mirror is suitable for all beauty needs. It provides a clear view of the face to apply makeup, styling hair, or complete any skincare routine. Because some precision tasks require a closer view, TOUCHBeauty added an accessory mirror with 5X magnification to give you the precision you need to tweeze. This 5X magnification mirror is magnetic and can be easily attached to the main mirror. When you are done using the mirror attachment, you can attach it to the back of the HEALER for easy and convenient storage.      


This mirror also has a patented 4-layers light guiding system allowing the mirror to only use four lights to illuminate the entire facet. This saves energy and gives you the most intense light. By using only four lights, this mirror is efficient and environmentally friendly.


When you turn on the mirror, it will sense the environment lighting conditions and will adjust the brightness to a suitable level automatically. You can also adjust the light brightness level manual according to your preference.  


Have you noticed that sometimes your makeup is not right? That happens because your room light is not ideal for makeup application. Having the right color temperature is key for applying makeup. This mirror features three color temperatures to simulate different light conditions. Warmer lights are ideal for daily use, while white lights are great for makeup application. The best lighting for makeup will have a temperature of at least 5000K. The HEALER provides you a warm white light (3000K) simulating restaurant lighting. The natural white light (5000K) simulates daylight, this is the best light for your beauty routine and makeup application. The cool white light (6500k) simulates office lighting.


Another important light feature is the display index RA. The Healer has a 97 color rendering index (based on a scale from 0-100). Basically, the color rendering index measures the quality of light produced by the source. Light sources with a CRI higher than 90 are excellent at color rendering, providing accurate color. This index will show how an object/color is perceived by human eyes. With CRI of 97, the HEALER is the best option.  


The integrated motion sensor is another feature that will make your life easier. The HEALER recognizes you when you are at least 30cm from the mirror and turns it ON/OFF  automatically (if in smart mode).

If you don’t want or need to go with the smart mode every day, this mirror also includes a normal mode that will allow you to automatically choose the settings. The device is operated by touch for convenience.    


The mirror angle is adjustable to give you the best view of your face, and the stem height is adjustable so it fits your height. The design of this device is modern and high-end, your table-top will look beautiful with it. This device is available in two beautiful colors, classic white and deep red.  


The HEALER is the perfect combination of the traditional mirror use combined with different smart features that will make your grooming experience more enjoyable.

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