Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Do you feel frustrated while watching beauty gurus applying makeup? Their makeup looks almost look too perfect, but bare in mind they have studio lights to help smooth out the complexion. So if you are just starting or you see all these super-sharp makeup looks, don’t feel overwhelmed, we got you covered. Those intricate and flawless looks we see online these days are not practical for daily life. Scroll down and test all these tips & tricks, you will notice a big difference on your final makeup application and overall look.     


  1. A flawless makeup application starts with a good skin care routine. Use a facial cleansing brush to cleanse the skin and smooth out your complexion. The brush will exfoliate dead skin cells and get rid of skin texture. Your makeup will apply like a dream, and your foundation will look flawless. Always moisturize after cleansing the skin for extra moisture.


  1. Apply a facial mask the night before to hydrate and plump your complexion. Don’t rinse your face after applying the mask (unless instructions say otherwise), let all the good ingredients soak in, and you will wake up with smooth and radiant skin.



  1. Go for a natural glowy look if you want to have a fresh and younger appearance. The no-makeup makeup look is a trend worth following. A touch of blush will make wonders for your skin.


  1. If you want to look a million dollars with zero effort, put on a red or berry bold lipstick. It will look like you spent hours applying your makeup when in reality, it just took you 10 minutes to be ready.



  1. Use a heated eyelash curler to elongate your eyelashes and keep the curl for longer. Use this eyelash makeup tool before mascara and after mascara for better results. Using a regular eyelash curler before applying mascara, will only give you a short term curl. However, the TOUCHBeauty silicone heated eyelash curler gently heats the mascara creating a deeper and more dramatic curl. After cooling down, the eyelashes will stay put all day long.  



  1. Stop using concealer as an eyeshadow base! Ok, we all have seen this tip to use concealer to prime your lids. But actually, concealer tends to crease and can make your eyelids oily. Invest in a good eyeshadow primer, and you will be amazed how vibrant your eye look will be during the day.


Enjoy this extra time you have during quarantine to take good care of your skin and practice your favorite makeup looks.  

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