How to Keep Your Skincare & Hygiene During Quarantine

How to Keep Your Skincare & Hygiene During Quarantine

Social distancing is affecting the way we live. If skincare and hygiene were important before, now they are of the most importance. Your skin can be affected by being indoors, but if you use protective masks to go outdoors, your skin will need extra TLC. This is when a good and consistent skincare routine will prevent skin breakouts.


Here are a few tips for you to keep your skin radiant and clear during this outbreak and have good hygiene habits:


  1. Eat healthy food. It’s very easy to pick on unhealthy food when we spend so much time at home wondering how to spend our time. We have a few tips: keep busy, if you love makeup, go watch a makeup tutorial, practice, and improve your makeup skills, after the quarantine your makeup skills will be amazing; read that book that you were always leaving behind because you did not have time, or watch your favorite movie.  


  1. If you are returning home, leave your shoes outside your door, properly wash your hands for at least 20s, and take a shower. The virus can linger on your skin, clothes, and hair. Make sure you use a body cleansing and exfoliating brush to clean the skin and remove impurities from your body. The 2-In-1 Electric Cleanser has two brush attachments for the face and body, and an extra handle to clean all areas of the body (including the back and legs). This device is waterproof, perfect to use in the shower.  


  1. If you need to go outside every day for work, or if you are a health professional and you need to wear a protective mask daily, you must have already notice that your skin may be affected. Frequently use of protective masks may cause the skin to breakout and it can increase sebum production. Cleanse your skin every day with your favorite TOUCHBeauty facial cleansing brush. Using a brush will deeply remove impurities and excess oil, while gently exfoliating the skin.


  1. Relax! Stress can cause your skin to breakout and can cause hair loss as well. Try to relax and use a head massage device to help you promote relaxation.  

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you that work every day in the front line to help us go through this hard time.  

Stay Safe, Stay home!

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