Fall Skincare Routine - Upgrade Your Skincare Game for a Replenished & Radiant Complexion

Fall Skincare Routine - Upgrade Your Skincare Game for a Replenished & Radiant Complexion

Fall is around the corner! This is the perfect time to upgrade your skincare routine and give your skin a boost of hydration. Most of us spent the summer sunbathing and enjoying the beach, and that can take a toll on the skin. During summer, skin tends to be more oily, while autumn brings new challenges to our complexion. With colder days ahead, it is important to keep skin replenished and moisturized. It is also important to minimize the impact that summer had on the skin, such as excessive tanning, inflammation, and dehydration.


Autumn can really show how fragile the skin barrier is. Learn how to strengthen your skin’s barrier and prepare it for colder days.


Understand Your Skin

Understanding and learning how to read the signs your skin gives you every day is key to improve your skin condition and keep complexion radiant any time of the year. Don’t be afraid to change the products you use if you feel your skin is changing, this will ensure you are giving your skin the best care. And, as the pioneer in Cosmetic Dermatology Erno Laszlo said: “Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”, your commitment and consistency will give you the best results.  


Cleanse Your Skin Consistently & Exfoliate  

Cleansing the skin is that one step you cannot miss any day of the year. Keeping skin clean and clear is essential for your dermis health. The upper layers of the skin are in constant contact with pollution particles, debris, dust, not to mention the skin’s natural cell turnover process that leads to dead skin cells. If you do not remove debris from the skin every day, your skin will become dull, and the chances of getting blackheads and acne are higher. Not cleansing your complexion can also disrupt your skin’s ability to absorb skincare product nutrients. Not to mention that your makeup can look uneven if your skin has texture and dry patches.


Be gentle is the key difference between summer and fall cleansing. Go for a cleansing oil and gel with hydrating ingredients. To cleanse your skin deeply and remove all pore-clogging debris, choose an electric facial cleanser that will suit your skin, no matter the time of the year. TOUCHBeauty is launching the dual-mode facial cleansing brush soon. This is the perfect cleansing tool to add to your cleansing routine because you can have flawless skin all year round with just one brush. The brush bristles of this cleansing system are very soft, thin, and flexible, removing impurities hidden in pores easily without hurting the skin. This innovative brush can perform two motions - oscillation & rotation. Are you wondering why do you need both? Oscillation movements provide a very gentle cleansing experience, while the rotating movements give your skin a deeper cleanse. Depending on your skin type, use the gentle oscillation mode during colder months and the rotation mode during hotter months. But ultimately, analyze your skin and decide which mode is best for you. To give you extra control, you can also choose the intensity speed you prefer - low, medium, and high. This device is perfect to go with you everywhere. It has a compact shape and comes with a charging base that is also a protective cover. The bristles will be protected from dust all the time. After using this device, you will feel your skin noticeably more soft and radiant. Your makeup will go on smoother, and your skincare products will easily sink into your skin.



Another essential step in your fall skincare routine is exfoliation. To give you a gentle and effective exfoliation, TOUCHBeauty created the luxurious Ultrasonic Scrub Device. This device generates up to 26.000 ultrasonic vibrations to transform water into a fine mist. This mist helps the spatula blade to remove all debris and gunk from your skin, you can physically see it. The idea behind it is to apply the spatula on wet skin with light pressure and gently move along facial contours. The spatula has a special shape making it easier to use on the nose area, which is typically more congested with excess sebum and blackheads. This device will keep your skin clean, smooth, and radiant.

 Photo by Erika Lima


Brighten Your Complexion with Light Therapy

Light therapy is a wonderful technology that has been around for a while, but these gadgets look futuristic. The LED energy triggers natural cells to repair skin and regenerate collagen. The most common wavelengths for portable and at-home devices are 630nm red light, 415nm blue light, and 590nm yellow light. After a long summer, skin can become dull, and you may notice the appearance of dark spots. The yellow light therapy will brighten your skin and target dark spots to give you an even complexion. LED light therapy devices are non-invasive and safe to use at home. TOUCHBeauty Light Therapy Device is an incredible gadget to add to your skincare routine. This device comes with two lights, red and yellow. Use the red light to boost the production of collagen and the yellow light to brighten your complexion. The tear-shaped device and concave design perfectly hug facial contours providing effective treatment. This device is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.




Give Your Skin Extra Hydration

During colder months, give your skin as much hydration as it needs. Change from summer lighter moisturizers to thicker options. Another great way to boost and maximize the absorption of your favorite skincare creams is by using TOUCHBeauty Hot/Cool Skin Device. The hot mode will help your moisturizer to better sink into the skin. Afterward, use the cool mode to lock in moisture and nutrients. You can also use one sheet mask a week for instant hydration. Use the Hot/Cool Skin Device over the mask for better results.


Do not forget your eye contour. The skin under the eyes can get dry easily, leading to the appearance of premature wrinkles and dark circles. Use the Eye Cream Booster to replenish your eyes, smooth wrinkles, and soothe the eye area. If you have dry lips, this device works wonders with your lip balm to keep your lips plumped and smooth. 

P.S. : Always leave home with SPF on no matter the time of the year.  

 Photo by Min An from Pexels  




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