Foreo vs Nuface vs ReFa vs TOUCHBeauty

Which one is better? 

What can they do?

Price (official)$339$199$299$320
Light HeadNo (+$110)YesNo No 
Eye & Lip wandNo (+$110)YesNo No 

Looking at the functions and value between TOUCHBeauty, Foreo, Nuface and ReFA

Nuface TRINITY is the most expensive priced closely to ReFa CARAT, both over $300. TOUCHBeauty TRIFECTA is the only microcurrent roller priced below $200 making it the best priced, but does a better price mean less functions?

All four devices are capable of delivering microcurrent facial treatments. ReFa and Foreo BEAR are unable to deliver light therapy treatments. The standard model of NuFACE is not able to deliver light therapy, but a $110 attachment would make it possible. TOUCHBeauty is able to deliver light therapy without any additional cost

The eye and lip wand is essential for reaching the smaller parts of the face that rollers can not treat. Foreo and ReFa do not have an eye and lip wand. NuFACE does not have one for the standard version but it is possible to buy one for $110. TOUCHBeauty has an eye and lip wand at no extra cost

How easy are they to use?

Application YesNoYesNo
Treatment time20 mins5 mins3 mins<10 mins
Treats whole faceNo (+$186)YesNo No 
Needs chargingYesYesYesNo 

Hands on experience

Why is mentioning an app important? 

Here an app is a factor because for some devices, using an app makes the device more difficult to use on a daily basis. Having to need an app to use your microcurrent roller; which must be connected to your bluetooth (which means disconnecting what you have paired to your bluetooth), then starting the app and waiting for it to load it's program, will effect how long it takes to complete your microcurrent facial

TOUCHBeauty and ReFa do not need or use apps on their devices. NuFACE and Foreo have apps. Therefore when factoring in the time needed to pair your phone and operate the app, TOUCHBeauty is joint fastest with Foreo 

ReFa charges by sunlight instead of a cable as the microcurrent used is much weaker so has the advantage of not needing a charging cable but plenty of sun instead


Battery life140 mins90 mins90 minsN/A
Length165mm136mm75 mm149mm
LED DisplayNoYesNoNo

Which feels the most comfortable?

In terms of weight ReFa is lightest thanks to its slim and petite design. Foreo is the second lightest and also a very small device about the size of a palm.  

Nuface is the heaviest device but also has the longest battery life, as well as being the longest device. TOUCHBeauty is in the middle ground for size and weight and carries the joint second highest battery life. All devices are well designed ergonomically speaking to be comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time

TOUCHBeauty is the only device with an LED display to easily know what program and settings are being used just by looking at the device 


Fine linesyesyesyesyes
Blemish reductionno (+$110)yesnono
Anti-bacterialno (+$110)yesnono

What these devices can do for you

Microcurrent facials are not just endorsed by celebrities they are scientifically verified to lift, tighten and tone the skin and underlying facial muscles

All four devices are capable of microcurrent toning with TOUCHBeauty, NuFACE and ReFa giving the added advantage of having physical ball rollers to work out and contour the skin

Because TOUCHBeauty and NuFACE (paid) have light therapy heads they are also able to deliver the benefits of multiple light therapy types, blemish treatment, collagen & elastin production, ATP production and anti bacteria

Treatment areas


Can you use microcurrent on the neck?

Using microcurrent on the neck is not harmful but can risk stimulating the thyroid glands and leading to overactive thyroids which can cause hormone imbalance

ReFa is small in size and therefore unsuitable to use on the rest of the body effeciently. Foreo is more difficult to use on the rest of the body as the device does not have a handle to angle into harder to reach parts of the body. NuFACE also has quite a small palm sized handle making angles slightly difficult and TOUCHbeauty has a stick shaped handle making it easier to reach parts of the body like the calves and back