How to get rid of acne: The best devices, tips & tricks to stop acne breakouts

How to get rid of acne: The best devices, tips & tricks to stop acne breakouts

ACNE! Those annoying red and painful bumps can affect confidence causing emotional distress to so many people. Did you know acne is the most common skin disease and affects 80% of the US population alone? And while acne can clear out with aging, we can always see it back a few times a month. But what is acne after all? What causes this skin inflammation?

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become blocked due to greasy secretions from the skin’s sebaceous glands. This blockage often causes the appearance of acne and blackheads. Stress, certain foods, and hormones can also trigger the appearance of acne. This condition tends to appear mostly on the face, chest, and shoulders.


Now, the most important question: How can we get rid of acne and prevent future breakouts?

- Cleanse the skin every day with a gentle facial cleanser brush. We normally use our hands to cleanse the face, but hands can only clean the surface of the skin. Using a brush with fine and soft bristles will help to remove all dirt and excess sebum from pores. TOUCHBeauty Electric Facial Cleanser provides a brush attachment that performs gentle oscillation motion to prevent and reduce your acne breakouts.

- Exfoliation is essential to reduce acne breakouts. Acne-causing bacteria thrive on excess sebum and dead skin causing inflammation. The Ultrasonic Scrub Device is a gentle exfoliator for face. This device must be used on moistened skin, the spatula of this device releases 26,000 ultrasonic vibrations that transform water into ultra-fine mist. With the aid of the ultrasonic spatula, the mist helps to remove pore-clogging debris and dead skin. If you use this device after you remove your makeup, you can still see how your pores are still grabbing onto some of the makeup you though you removed completely. This will help to prevent future acne breakouts and will remove blackheads that are also caused by clogged pores.


- If you have one of those pimples that are inflamed and painful, apply a cold compress for swelling, it will help reducing inflammation, and it will numb the pain. 

- Stress and some foods are also known to cause breakouts. Take care of yourself, try to induce relaxation, and avoid foods that you know to cause acne.   

- Make blue light therapy your best friend! If you never used blue light therapy for acne treatment, you are missing out on a great help to treat acne-prone skin. The blue light kills bacteria and prevents future breakouts if used consistently.    


Whatever you do, do not try to extract your pimples. It can cause serious inflammation, the pimple will be active for longer, and it can result in acne scars. Allow them to heal properly. If you have any other kind of acne, please consult with a dermatologist.

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