All you need to know about IPL hair removal: Get rid of unwanted hair permanently

All you need to know about IPL hair removal: Get rid of unwanted hair permanently

Who hasn’t struggled with different hair removal products and techniques? Who doesn’t feel frustrated when after shaving hair starts growing in just a few days? What about ingrown hairs and razor bumps? And I am just mentioning a few of many headaches from having to remove hair frequently. Let these hair removal techniques be part of the past, and embrace the freedom of hair-free skin.    

Many people choose to use the cheapest and fastest techniques to remove hairs, such as shaving, waxing, or even plucking. But is it really cheap? How many razors and wax you go through a year? If you add all up, it will get pretty expensive. And how amazing life would be without razors and waxing? Just allow you to have the freedom to wear a skirt at any time without being concerned with shaving. Stop shaving and start home IPL hair removal treatments.  

 How does IPL hair removal devices work?

Intense pulse light is absorbed to disrupt hair follicle growth cycle. By disrupting hair growth, IPL energy inhibits the hair root from growing.

With consistent use, this technology will help you to achieve smooth skin hair-free.

What is the best home IPL hair removal device? And why should you choose it over other hair removal techniques?

TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal device is great at permanently reduce body hair. This device releases IPL energy to inhibit body hair growth, and ensures your safety while you are using it. With the IPL device, you have access to 300,000 flashes ensuring a long service life allowing you to make preventive treatments once in a while to maintain results.     

 Is TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal Device safe?

TOUCHBeauty IPL system is perfectly safe to use at home. This device has FDA certification, a skin tone sensor, and five adjustable intensity levels to adjust to different skin types and sensitivity levels. Skin tone varies from person to person and even across different areas of the body. The skin tone sensor reads the skin and only allows you to flash if the intensity level you chose is suitable for your skin tone.   

 What are the pros of using TOUCHBeauty IPL hair removal device? 

  • Not worrying anymore about shaving every other day;
  • Skin will be silky and smooth;
  • Cost-effective option;
  • Effective and safe;
  • Painless;
  • Prevents ingrown hair, no razor bumps;
  • Convenient, home use.


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