How to Prepare Your Skin for Halloween Makeup Night

How to Prepare Your Skin for Halloween Makeup Night

Halloween is literally around the corner! Who else loves this time of the year? While this Halloween (2020) may be different, we still can enjoy this day to have some fun! Get creative and put on your favorite terrifying look.  

We love that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating Halloween looks! Nevertheless, it’s key to prepare the skin for Halloween night. Halloween makeup tends to be heavy with so many products layered to create the perfect spooky look. If your skin is not clean and smooth, your makeup will be patchy. The good news? TOUCHBeauty has the best beauty & skincare devices to keep your skin flawless every time. Enjoy now 30% off sitewide! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your favorite devices at the best price. To make things more interesting, we are holding a special Halloween Instagram giveaway where you can win the fantastic Sonic Facial Cleanser. Keep on reading to learn more about skincare devices and Halloween makeup ideas to inspire you.


Facial Cleansing - Mysterious Sonic Facial Cleanser in Black

We love this makeup look! It is so mysterious and mesmerizing, a true princess of darkness. To rock this look, you will need your skin to be clean, fresh, and smooth. The silicone Sonic Facial Cleanser in black has two cleansing surfaces to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The silicone bristles are soft and gentle on the skin. The daily gentle cleansing surface will cleanse the skin removing debris and makeup residues, while the exfoliation cleansing surface removes dead skin cells and excess oil. Using this device before applying makeup will create a clean and smooth canvas. Using a facial cleansing brush like the TOUCHBeauty Sonic Facial Cleanser frequently will prevent your skin from looking dull, giving you a brighter and more radiant complexion. The best thing? The silicone bristles do not grab on bacteria and do not need to be replaced.

This brush is also perfect for men’s skincare, as it does not grab on beard removing flaky skin, excess oil, and debris.  




Boost of Hydration - Hot/Cool Skin Device in Diamond  

There is nothing like a cute diamond queen. If you want your skin as radiant as our diamond queen during Halloween night, you must keep your skin hydrated. With the Hot/Cool Skin Device, you can give your skin a soothing massage, maximize the absorption of nutrients, and lock in moisture to keep your skin hydrated for longer. Before you start applying your makeup, invest in your skincare routine. Apply a hydrating facial mask on your skin and use the hot setting over the facial mask to boost & maximize nutrients absorption. Your skin will be replenished and dewy after use. Use the sonic setting along with the hot massage to promote relaxation and increase blood circulation. It will give you an instant glow! After you remove the facial mask, allow the excess product to be absorbed by the skin. Use the cool setting to lock in moisture, minimize the appearance of pores, and firm the skin. Your skin will hold to hydration for longer and will be smoother for perfect makeup application.    



Replenished & Smooth Eyes - Eye Cream Booster in Skeleton White

Skeleton princess for Halloween? Yes, please! We live for this look. To have that princess smooth eye contour, the TOUCHBeauty Eye Cream Booster will be your best friend. With three settings, this is the ultimate eye care tool. It features warm massage, sonic vibration, and red light therapy. You can use the sonic vibration and hot setting over an eye mask to maximize nutrients absorption and brighten the eye contour. The red light therapy boosts collagen regeneration and smooths fine lines helping to avoid your concealer from creasing, keeping your eyes bright and youthful. You can also use this device on your lips to boost the absorption of your favorite lip balm.     



Defined Contours - Microcurrent Facial Roller in Silver Gypsy

This Gypsy look is incredible and so easy to put together! A Halloween must for this year. You will make some heads turn. To get glowy skin and defined facial contours, you got to get the Microcurrent Facial Roller. This massage rolling tool with mild microcurrent massages and lifts the skin. Tones and defines facial contours. The movements of the massage roller also increase blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. This device is solar operated, which makes it perfect to have in your purse.  


When your Halloween party ends, you must remove all makeup from the skin. Going to bed with your makeup on can clog pores and give you a series of skin problems. Use gentle yet effective makeup removes and finalize your cleansing routine with the Silicone cleansing Brush to remove all pore-clogging makeup residues.   


Ultimately, have fun, and stay safe!

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