A NEW Way to Rejuvenate & Revitalize Your Eyes

TOUCHBeauty AURA is an award-winning system specially designed to pair up with your favorite eye cream and treat eye contour-related skin concerns.

One device - Two Modes: AURA features two distinct modes and adjustable intensity levels to give you the control to customize your treatments and skincare routine. You can choose between MASSAGE & LIFT mode to soothe, revitalize and rejuvenate the eye contour. AURA was created to be the perfect match for your eye serum/cream.


The good thing about AURA is that both modes complement each other. Depending on your skin goals, you can rely on both to complete your eye skincare routine.

Let’s start with the MASSAGE mode. The first thing you should know about this mode is that it pairs up with two gentle and soothing technologies: 42°C hot therapy and sonic vibrations to gently massage the eye contour and boost absorption of skincare products. Sonic vibrations promote blood flow, and hot therapy helps to dilate pores helping ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. The MASSAGE mode will also help you to reduce eye puffiness, refresh the look of tired eyes and replenish dry skin.

We all know the eye area is prone to sagging and wrinkle. The LIFT mode combines EMS technology and 42°C hot therapy. Using AURA with your favorite eye serum will provide a visible lift, reduce sagging skin and enhance skin elasticity. 


TOUCHBeauty AURA was awarded an iF Design Award even before it was launched. Its unique head design features two contact points that replicate the curvature of the fingertip to perfectly fit the delicate eye contour. AURA’s shape is sleek and comfortable to hold, making it the perfect on-the-go skincare tool


TOUCHBeauty AURA features EMS technology, hot therapy, and sonic vibrations. These technologies were carefully combined into a powerful-sleek eye tool. But do you know how each of these technologies work on the skin?

EMS Technology
EMS (electric muscle stimulation) is a muscle toning and training technology that uses microcurrents to stimulate muscles helping to tone and firm the skin. EMS can also aid lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

42°C Hot Therapy
Hot therapy is used for quite some time in facials to expand blood vessels and increase blood flow. It helps improve the effectiveness of skincare product absorption and eases muscle tension. To be effective, the temperature of the massage head must reach at least 40°C, and 42°C is the ideal temperature to treat the eye area. Using 42°C temperature improves circulation helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface for healthier, brighter skin. Using hot therapy is safe and painless. TOUCHBeauty AURA delivers constant temperature to the skin and never gets too hot to the touch giving you a comfortable and soothing experience.

Sonic Vibrations
Having a device that features sonic vibrations will help not only to amplify other treatments, but will also stimulate blood flow to plump the complexion, reduce puffiness, and give your skin a radiant glow. The gentle vibrations help to soothe stressed-out skin around the eyes to give skin a fresher look.


AURA is the device you want to have in your vanity table or pocket so use whenever you feel tired and need a soothing massage. Benefits of including AURA in your skincare routine:
* Infused skincare products deeper into the skin
* Helps to smooth fine lines
* Repairs the skin barrier faster
* Reduces the appearance of dark circles
* Reduces puffy eyes
* Relieves fatigue and refreshes tired eyes
* Boosts blood flow


Before this device was launched, we’ve tested it in a group of adult female subjects aged between 18-45 years old. Each person used the device consistently for 14 days and reported that by pairing AURA with their eye cream:  their skin barrier was repaired faster by 53%, skin hydration was boosted by 32%, dark circles appear 18% lighter, and fine lines were smoother.

* Results may vary from person to person. 


About TOUCHBeauty

TOUCHBeauty is a company that has been developing and manufacturing beauty electronics for world-renowned brands for over 20 years. Dedicated to providing professional beauty and skincare solutions for everyone, the company has strengthened its position as a leader and trend creator in the beauty industry.