Are you cleansing your skin the right way?

Are you cleansing your skin the right way?


And you are getting frustrated because your skin is still dull, textured, and stubborn blackheads do not go away?  


If your answer is yes, your cleansing routine is not being effective.


Did you know that micro-pollution particles, makeup residues, dust, excess oil will clog your pores if you don’t cleanse your skin properly? Your hands can only clean the skin’s surface.  



The most effective way to cleanse your skin is by using a facial cleansing brush. TOUCHBeauty Dual-Mode Facial Brush is a unique brush that allows you to customize your cleansing routine. It features TWO cleansing modes - oscillation and rotation - to fit different skin types and cleansing needs.


The oscillation brush head gives you a gentle cleansing option. The oscillation motion cleanses skin and stimulates blood flow to give you the ultimate glow. This brush is ideal for dry, normal, and sensitive skin.


The rotation brush head gives you the option for a deep, more vigorous cleansing experience. Ideal for combination or oily skin. You can also use this brush a couple of times a week to exfoliate your skin.   


Both brush heads feature soft bristles that deeply cleanse pores without hurting the skin to help you get rid of dull, textured skin and improve the appearance of blackheads.


PRO Cleansing Tips:

  • Pair your facial cleansing brush with a gentle cleansing gel.
  • Double-cleanse your skin. Use a gentle cleansing oil/balm to melt your makeup before you use the cleansing brush.
  • Rinse your face with warm water, never with water that is too cold or too hot.  


Time to get HEALTHY, FRESH, AND SMOOTH skin! Are you ready to glow?

Learn more about the Electric Dual Modes Facial Cleansing Brush.


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