TOUCHBeauty| Leading the Beauty Industry Since 1999

TOUCHBeauty| Leading the Beauty Industry Since 1999

TOUCHBeauty has been leading the beauty & skincare industry since 1999. Discover how we went from being the creators of the first heated eyelash curler to the development of cutting-edge beauty-tech devices.



TOUCHBeauty was founded in 1999, specializing in delivering professional beauty and skincare solutions with pro-level results at home. With over 22 years of experience, we’ve been dedicated to bringing the best skincare devices that would forever change beauty & skincare regimens. Developing innovative and effective devices that will give our customers confidence and feeling beautiful in their own skin is what we are passionate about.



We’ve started our beauty devices journey 22 years ago with the creation of the first heated eyelash curler, followed by the creation of the first electronic facial cleansing brush. Back then, beauty devices and skincare treatments were exclusive for salons. TOUCHBeauty wanted to bring those expensive salon treatments into at-home devices that are easy to use and have effective results. Nowadays, we hold over 200 patents and have successfully developed professional skincare devices to give you the best self-care experience from home.  



TOUCHBeauty has a professional and experienced R&D team that has been developing the best at-home skin care devices for you. We have also cooperated with well-known award-winning international designers that helped to take our devices to the next level.


CHIAKI MURATA | Chiaki Murata is an award-winning Japanese designer. Professor at the Kyoto University of Art & Design and the head behind the Japanese company Metaphys, Chiaki Murata, won over 160 design awards, including Good Design Special Award, Red Dot Best of Best, and German Design Award. 

Chiaki Murata designed five devices with TOUCHBeauty that includes the iconic Hot/Cool Skin Device and the first Dual-Mode Facial Cleansing Brush. A few years back, you could only get cleansing brushes with one mode. Chiaki Murata’s vision was to design a brush that could adapt to different skincare needs, so he designed a system with an oscillation brush and a rotation brush. This is the perfect way to personalized any skin cleansing regimen.

STUDIODOTT |  Studiodott is a Belgium design company specialized in electronic devices and winner of several international awards. Studiodott is all about creating amazing designs that are functional.

“When we say design, you’ll immediately think of something beautiful. But there’s much more to our work than just making beautiful things, choosing the right colors and putting buttons in the right place. We create experiences, interactions, solutions.” - STUDIODOTT

Studiodott developed the powerful age-defying HALO, a unique device that combines powerful professional technologies in a compact at-home system that gives the ultimate firming and rejuvenating results.


We always want to deliver products that are the full package - innovative, effective, and with striking aesthetics. That is how TOUCHBeauty star product GLOW became an award-winning device. This ultrasonic-powered exfoliation and boosting system with a stunning design and sleek features got two international design awards - a Good Design Award in 2017 in Japan and a Reddot Design Award in 2021.



The award-winning GLOW is a skincare system with powerful ultrasonic vibrations giving an at-home facial.  With a streamlined design, the surface of this device is sleek and smooth. It has no buttons and no charging entrances. TOUCHBeauty GLOW has quickly become a favorite among customers worldwide and is used by professional estheticians for in-salon treatments.


TOUCHBeauty’s products are currently available internationally in well-known outlets and international airlines on-board services across 80+ regions. Including Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, TJ Maxx, and Mannings.  


We will always strive to bring you innovative technologies that can take your skincare regimen to the next level and make you feel confident in your own skin.


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