Travel Essential Beauty Devices for Healthy & Radiant Skin on the GO!

Travel Essential Beauty Devices for Healthy & Radiant Skin on the GO!

Traveling doesn’t mean your skincare routine should be left behind. Take with you the best skincare devices that fit your travel pouch to keep your skin with a radiant glow.  


Many of us go on vacation and leave all our skincare products at home. It can be because they are just too heavy or because we don’t want to think about beauty and skincare while enjoying a getaway destination. Yet, your skin can really suffer from drastic climate changes, making your skin to breakout and lose its healthy glow.


Our major recommendation for you is to keep your skincare routine simple on the go! Use products and devices that are multi-function therefore you can have the best results with fewer products.


The most important points of a simple and essential skincare routine are cleansing and moisturizing. You cannot go wrong with this routine and your skin will appreciate it.


Sonic Facial Cleanser 

This petite device perfectly fits into your travel pouch and it will cleanse and exfoliate your skin gently. You can remove the silicone cleansing surface, replace it with a cotton pad, and use it with your toner to tone the skin.  


Cream Booster 


If you could only choose one device to put into your travel bag, this should be the one! The cream booster has three functions and a bonus! This device has positive and negative ionic treatments, light therapy, and sonic vibration to give you a relax massage. Use the positive ionic treatment to remove impurities from pores; use the negative ionic treatment to boost and lock moisture into your skin; the sonic vibration will improve the results of the ionic treatments while giving you a soothing massage to increase blood circulation on your face; the last treatment is yellow light therapy which will help you to brighten your complexion. One device will keep your skin looking gorgeous during your vacations or your business trip.  


LED Power Bank Mirror  

OK, so while previous devices will make your skin glow during your time away from home, this device will make sure you look fabulous all the time, while charging your smart phone or any other small device. This is for sure a must-have device to carry with you all the time, even if you are not traveling.

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