How to Transform Your Eyelashes with a Heated Eyelash Curler in 3 Easy Steps

Can you believe that traditional eyelash curlers are almost a century old? They were patented back in 1931 and did not only remained relevant but became a staple in our beauty routines. Easy to use by just relying on a mechanical hinge, the clamping eyelash curler became indispensable for many of us that love a lash lift and a flirty curl. However, after 90 years of evolution, there is a new technology that may be able to dethrone the old-school eyelash curler. It’s time for you to meet the heated eyelash curler! 

What is a Heated Eyelash Curler?

A heated eyelash curler is an eyelash curling system with a modern shape that resembles a wand. These curlers have adjustable heat settings, resembling a curling iron but for the eyelashes. However, eyelashes do not curl around the heated eyelash comb as a curling iron would. The comb-tip gently lifts lashes to give the eyes a glamours look. The warmth of the curling comb helps to lock and keep eyelashes in place for longer.

If applying heat to the eye area is something that scares you, know that these devices are tested during the development and manufacturing process to ensure the temperature is safe to use on the eye area. Also, most of these devices feature different temperature settings giving total control over how much heat you apply to your lashes without burning or damaging the eyelashes.

What Makes these Curlers so Innovative and Effective?

These high-tech heated eyelash curlers are a game-changing tool for anyone that wants glam-up lashes all day long. These innovative tools evenly distribute heat to make eyelashes curl instantly bigger. Unlike traditional eyelash curlers, the comb-shaped wand does not pinch or crimp eyelashes, the warm comb-tip sets the curl in place, making your eyes look wider and more awake. The heat applied to the eyelashes through the comb helps to bend and shape stubborn thick and flat lashes that would not budge with a clamping style curler.

Are Heated Eyelash Curlers Safe?

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t looked at traditional eyelash curlers and seen a torture device? Just the thought of using it in the eye area can be scary. “I remember the first time I used a traditional eyelash curler, I can tell you it was scary, and I thought I was going to pinch and hurt my eyelids” Carla M., TOUCHBeauty’s Content Specialist says. The clamp-style curlers curvature may not fit all eye shapes, and if you miss some eyelashes you can even pinch your eyelids. Unlike traditional curlers, heated eyelash curlers are safe to use. They have a sleek wand-shaped head that makes it easier to use around the eyes. “Using the heated eyelash curler for the first time was a game-changing experience. The comb-tip is super gentle on the eyelashes, and there is no pinching involved,” she adds. What makes this curler so perfect is how it perfectly fits all eye shapes and eyelashes, the comb-tip can be used on any eyelid shape, and it won’t pinch, crimp, pull or even break off your eyelashes. If you are lucky to have long lashes, traditional curlers won’t be able to curl all lashes in the same direction giving you an unflattering curl, instead of a natural swoop that we all want and expect from using these tools. You will not have this issue with a heated eyelash curler, the comb-tip will make sure all your lashes are lifted and curled at the right angle.  

Control & Touch-ups On The Go

When it comes to lashes, there is not a perfect shape that fits all eyes and preferences. One of the biggest problems of a mechanical curler is that you have no control over your lash curl. It will always give you the same shape, but that doesn’t happen with a wand-shaped heated eyelash curler. With this tool, you have control over your curl angle, and you can change it as you see fit. If you go straight from work to a dinner party and have no time to spice up your makeup look, a bolder lipstick and an extra lash lift with the heated eyelash curler will make a huge difference. Plus, you can use the heated eyelash curler over mascara without messing up your makeup or clumping all your lashes together, which a traditional curler would definitely do.

Portable & Hygienic

Both eyelash curlers are pretty small and compact,  easily fitting into a purse. However, the heated eyelash curler design is not only small but is also sleek and ergonomic, resembling a mascara wand. 

Traditional curlers are hard to keep clean. The silicone pads easily come off when we try to clean and remove mascara, not to mention that these curlers are always uncovered and getting dust and dirt just by sitting in your vanity or your makeup bag. You want to keep your eyelash curler as clean as possible to avoid bacteria and possible eye infections, and that is not always easy with a camping-style curler. You will not have such a problem with the heated eyelash curler. The comb-tip is so much easier to keep clean and free of bacteria. For starters, it comes with a protective cap that will keep the comb free of dust and impurities. The silicone comb-tip is also so much easier to clean, you just need a small amount of makeup remover on a cotton pad to clean away mascara residues and other impurities.

How to Use a Heated Eyelash Curler?

Using a heated eyelash curler is easy. Follow these steps to get the best results and the most beautiful lash lift.   

Step 1
Turn on the heated eyelash curler, choose a proper temperature setting and allow it to heat up for at least 1 minute.

Step 2
Comb your eyelashes starting from the root upwards and stop halfway to gently push the eyelashes towards your eyelid, this will help create a more dramatic curl. Each combing motion should take around 3 seconds. Repeat until you achieve the ideal curl.

Step 3
Apply mascara and use the heated eyelash curler again to set the curl. 

Heated eyelash curlers are amazing tools to lift lashes to a perfect shape, and we are summing up for you why this incredible tool should be in your makeup bag:

- Bigger lash curl and better performance that will lift flat and even the smallest lashes - Lasting results, a curl that will last all day or night

- No pinching, pulling, crimping or breaking eyelashes

- Absolute control over the eyelash shape you want to create- Perfectly fits any handbag, even the smallest ones

- Hygienic and easier to clean You can take a look at our premium beauty & skincare devices HERE.

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